Love Your Body

Love Your Body coaching

An 8 week group program for women looking to love their bodies today, tomorrow, and everyday.
Trade insecurity for confidence, anxiety for ease, and body shame for radical body love.

You want to look and feel good in your body, but…

  • Diets don’t work. They leave you feeling restricted and deprived with fleeting results.
  • You dread the treadmill, fad workouts, and the shame of skipping the gym on a sunny day.
  • You can’t get past the negative self-talk and body shaming sessions in front of the mirror.


You don’t have to restrict, deprive, and get your ass kicked in boot camp workouts in order to love your body. Restriction will not bring freedom. Deprivation will not bring abundance. You don’t have to fight and struggle and demonstrate incredible amounts of willpower and withholding in order to love your body.
Society wants you to believe differently. I know, I fell for that bullshit, too. Take it from a woman who has wriggled free from the grips of anorexia and negative body image, our societal rhetoric is complete and utter garbage. It sells you products. It makes you weak and needy and the perfect prey for profit. It’s bullshit.

There is another way.

Body love isn’t hidden in the 50th squat thrust at the gym, or bland chicken, or a restrictive low-calorie diet. The truth is that you can love your body right now, today, without changing a damn thing – and the Love Your Body program will get you there.

  • Imagine the freedom that you will feel living a life without diets, weigh-ins, and workouts that you dread.

  • Imagine the joy you will experience when you walk past the mirror and love what you see.

  • Imagine how great it will feel to enjoy, celebrate, and love your body.

Love Your Body

Love Your Body is right for you if…

You are fed up with feeling insecure and self-conscious in your body.
You are exhausted by negative self-talk and recurring thoughts about your body.
You don’t feel satisfied with your body.
You are tired of comparing yourself to other women.
You fixate of your weight, calorie-counting, and food and exercise tracking.
You are overwhelmed with anxiety about your body.
Love Your Body is an intensive self-love experience where women transform their relationships to their bodies to create more loving, joyful lives. This program immerses you in proven self-love strategies and resources while creating a fully personalized experience.
Love Your Body does not simply teach you strategies and theories to love your body and then leave you to figure out how to implement them on your own. Instead, you will work with our Tribe Founder Brandy Oswald to implement the Love Your Body teachings and move forward into your ideal relationship to your body. With Brandy as your Body Love Coach, you will have 24/7 support, accountability, and insight from a woman who has lived the Love Your Body transformation.

A Note From Brandy…

Love Your Body

Hello Beautiful,

You’re probably wondering why Team Body Love Tribe is so certain that the Love Your Body program will transform your relationship to your body. I, for one, know this program will transform your life because I have lived the Love Your Body transformation first-hand. In fact, I was able to overcome my own struggles with eating disorders and negative body image by using the tools and strategies of the Love Your Body program.
You see, the woman I am today is not the woman that I have always been.
I used to live a life defined by body shame, self-doubt, and perfectionism. I was plagued by debilitating anxiety and tortured by an extreme discontent with my body. I was a chronic dieter. I agonized over what I ate, binged at night, and was completely controlled by the number on the scale. Back then, I was depressed, unhappy, and self-conscious in my body.
Today, I am a thriving, confident woman in love with her body and her life. I, actually, enjoy staring down my reflection in the mirror. I celebrate my body for the joy it allows me to experience, rather than how much it weighs. And, I haven’t counted a calorie, binged in the middle of the night, or stepped on a scale in years. Today, I am living a life I never dreamed possible.
I am living a life of love in my body because I chose to stop focusing on looking good and start prioritizing feeling good. I ditched the diets, broke up with my scale, and decided to pursue things that actually bring joy into my life and allow me to celebrate my body.
You will learn to do all this and more in the Love Your Body program. You will also have a powerful bonus that I didn’t have. You will have the support and insight of a personal Body Love Coach who has gone through this journey herself and is living the Love Your Body transformation.
Imagine – Me as your body love BFF for the next 8 weeks. So much goodness, I know. I, simply, cannot wait!


Love Your Body

Love Your Body: How it works

Love Your Body is a 5 phase program that takes place over the course of 8 weeks. You will receive a new Love Your Body Content Manual every 1-2 weeks for 8 weeks. Content Manuals include reading materials, homework exercises, tools for self-care, and writing prompts for reflection and re-evaluations. There will be live weekly video conference coaching sessions with experienced Body Love Coach and Body Love Tribe Founder Brandy Oswald to further explore and implement the strategies presented in the Content Manuals. Brandy will be your personal guide and pillar of support throughout the program to ensure that you get the results that you desire.

What you get

  • A 5 phase program over 8 weekss to teach you how to love your body
  • 5 content manuals with body love strategies, resources, and implementation guides
  • Weekly body love group coaching sessions with Tribe Founder Brandy Oswald
  • 3 Guided meditations, 2 guided breath practices, and 40+ journal prompts


The Breakdown


Phase 1 – Joy: To love your body, you have to feel good in it

Do you find it difficult to feel satisfied with your body – always wishing that you could change something about your body? Phase 1 is all about inviting joy and satisfaction into your life and getting you to enjoy living in your body. To love your body, you have to feel good about your body. To feel good about your body, you have to feel good in your body. And, the secret to feeling good in your body is to prioritize joy. We will kick off our 90 days together by getting clear on what brings you joy and allows you to feel good in your body. You’ll close out Phase 1 by working with Brandy to create a plan of action to experience joy in your body every single day.

Phase 2 – You are more than a number

Learn to release the need to count calories, diet, and stress eat. Explore why doing workouts you dread will never bring you closer to loving your body. In Phase 3, you will learn why the number on your scale is unimportant – just like the size of your jeans, BMI, and FitBit reading. Here you will get tools for mindful eating, joyful exercise, and breaking up with your scale.

Phase 3 – Overcoming Negative Thoughts & Self-Talk

When you don’t feel satisfied with your body, your mind loves to hurl nasty, hurtful comments at you. You live in a shit-storm of negativity and body shame. That ain’t right. Phase 4 will teach you how to manage and overcome the negative thoughts about your body. You will get access to guided breath practices and meditations for on-the-spot relief from negative self-talk.

Phase 4 – The Importance of Community

One of the most challenging aspects about body insecurities are the shame, secrecy, and isolation that accompanies them. We feel that we must hide our flaws and insecurities and apologize for how our bodies look. In Phase 5, you will release body shame and the need to hide your body. You will learn the importance of having a loving, supportive community to turn to as you learn to love your body exactly as it is. You will also explore the responsibilities that we have one another and why it is important that we support one another to love our bodies. This phase will teach how to stop the comparisons to other women and recognize that another person’s beauty and confidence does not pose a threat to your own beauty and worthiness of self-love.

Phase 5 – On-Going Support

To close out the program, you will review your weekly action plans and reflection upon your experience in the program. You will assess your progress and view your time in the program from a before and after lens. After reflecting on our time in the program, you will work together with Brandy to create a plan of action for moving forward to maintain and build upon the progress you’ve made over the past 8 weeks.

Ready to Love Your Body? Let’s Recap.


What you get

  • 5 content manuals with body love strategies, resources, and implementation guides ($125 value)
  • 8 weekly 60 minute group coaching sessions with Tribe Founder Brandy Oswald ($800 value)
  • 3 Guided meditations, 2 guided breath practices, and 40+ journal prompts ($50 value)

Total Value: $975

Your insider cost: $497 (You save nearly $500!!)

*Payment plans available.


Next 8 week group session begins February 1, 2018.

Psst – Each round of the Love Your Body Program is only open to 20 participants. The program runs 3 times per year. That’s it.