Love Your Body: How-to share your unpolished journey

unpolished journey ditch body shame

A virtual body love workshop


with Brandy Oswald, Founder of Body Love Tribe
and Morgan & Emily Blair, Co-Founders of Unpolished Journey


Thursday, January 18th
8:00PM EST


Free admission. (Yes, you read that right!)
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Do you find yourself feeling ashamed or embarrassed of how your body looks? Do you feel alone, isolated, like no one will understand how you feel in and about your body? It doesn’t have to be like this. There is another way.
We’re all living unpolished journeys. To live an unpolished journey is to be human. To be embarrassed or ashamed of your unpolished journey, now that’s up to you. For many of us, our unpolished journey involves feelings of embarrassment and shame towards our bodies. It involves restriction, bingeing, disordered eating, verbally abusing our bodies, and shaming our bodies in front of the mirror. Many of us are struggling to feel confident and comfortable in our bodies, struggling alone, in isolation, without the loving support we need to move beyond our struggles. We’re taught that being vulnerable and sharing our struggles with others is a sign of weakness, when in reality it is one of the most courageous things we could choose to do. To embrace all of who you are and access the loving support of others takes guts. In a world that values rigid body standards and seemingly polished journeys, it takes courage to stand up and say, “This is me, all of who I am. I am real. I am messy. And, I need your support.”
Sharing your story and body love struggles is freeing. It’s a liberation from shame and isolation. It is the permission you’ve been seeking to release the insecurities and love your body. And, it creates a deep connection to others – something we so desperately need.

Are you ready to free yourself from body shame and embrace your unpolished journey?

Join Brandy Oswald, Founder of Body Love Tribe, and Morgan & Emily Blair, Co-Founders of Unpolished Journey, for a FREE virtual workshop that will show you how to ditch body shame by sharing your body love struggles with others. They’ll be sharing their own body love stories, offering tips on how to safely share your story, and giving you a clear 7 step process for finally sharing your story and freeing yourself from body shame.

Expect to:

  • Explore why vocalizing your struggles is necessary if you want to love your body
  • Get clear on what is holding you back from opening up to others about your body love struggles
  • Learn how to be vulnerable and open up without getting hurt or ridiculed
  • Create an action plan to begin sharing your body love struggles with loving, trusted individuals


brandy oswald body love tribe

About Brandy Oswald

Brandy Oswald is the playfully badass Founder of Body Love Tribe. As a Body Love Coach, body positive retreat leader, and joyful yoga instructor, Brandy has empowered women from around the world to transform their relationships to their bodies and live joyful lives filled with confidence, acceptance, and unconditional self-love. Her work has been featured on the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Bad Yogi, DoYouYoga, and more. She has been a featured presenter for the National Eating Disorder Association NEDA Walks, Born Through Fire, and more.
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About Unpolished Journey

Unpolished Journey fosters connection among individuals who struggle with similar insecurities and obstacles. Whether that be recovery from an eating disorder, body image issues, depression, anxiety, or any other obstacle, Unpolished Journey seeks to create the space for these struggles to exist. Recovery journeys seem to hit a speed bump after traditional treatment resources have been obtained. Oftentimes, relapses occur as a result of feelings of disconnection. In a residential space where there is a structured program all day, it can be easier to feel supported, held, and loved by so many individuals. However, once back at home and out of treatment, it can be challenging for folks to feel like they belong in the “real world”. We strive to find supportive communities, but that isn’t as easy as it may sound. Unpolished Journey recognizes how difficult recovery can be outside of treatment and provides a recovery community within the real world. To learn more about Unpolished Journey and the Blair sisters visit:


Are you ready to free yourself from body shame & live a confidently in your body?