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Love Your Body: Yoga & Intention Setting

Saturday, January 20th
1:00 – 3:00 PM
Sangha Studio North

237 North Winooski Ave.
Burlington, VT


FREE! *This event is a part of Sangha Studio’s open house.
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Do you usually kick off the new year with weight loss resolutions that never see Valentine’s Day? Or feeling sluggish and out-of-shape from all the holiday cookies? Let’s make this year different. Let’s have the best year ever!
The new year is when we tend to adopt idealistic resolutions of falling in love with our bodies through restrictive diets and workouts that we dread. Our resolutions only last a few weeks because, let’s face it, they’re soooo not fun. Then, we’re left feeling defeated and self-conscious.
Instead of resolutions and restrictive diets this year, it’s time to experience more joy and confidence in your body. In this workshop, you will move through a series of practices to release resolutions and get clear on how you desire to feel in your body. You will learn how to set soulful intentions and design a plan of action to feel exactly how you want to feel in and about your body this year. Together we will flow through a freeing, feel good yoga flow class to shake, soothe, and celebrate our bodies as we usher in the new year!

unpolished journey ditch body shame

A virtual body love workshop

with Brandy Oswald, Founder of Body Love Tribe
and Morgan & Emily Blair, Co-Founders of Unpolished Journey


Thursday, January 18th
8:00PM EST

Free admission. (Yes, you read that right!)
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Do you find yourself feeling ashamed or embarrassed of how your body looks? Do you feel alone, isolated, like no one will understand how you feel in and about your body? It doesn’t have to be like this. There is another way.
Are you ready to free yourself from body shame and embrace your unpolished journey?
Join Brandy Oswald, Founder of Body Love Tribe, and Morgan & Emily Blair, Co-Founders of Unpolished Journey, for a FREE virtual workshop that will show you how to ditch body shame by sharing your body love struggles with others. They’ll be sharing their own body love stories, offering tips on how to safely share your story, and giving you a clear 7 step process for finally sharing your story and freeing yourself from body shame.

Expect to:
Explore why vocalizing your struggles is necessary if you want to love your body
Get clear on what is holding you back from opening up to others about your body love struggles
Learn how to be vulnerable and open up without getting hurt or ridiculed
Create an action plan to begin sharing your body love struggles with loving, trusted individuals



Sunday, December 17th
9:30 AM – Noon
at the Women’s Room

Located in The Chace Mill

1 Mill Street. Suite 236
Burlington, VT

$25 pre-register, $30 day of event
Save your spot here! Space is limited to 15 participants.

Love your body. Shake you buti.
Tired of feeling heavy, bogged down, and stressed out in your body? Fed up with body insecurities, your inner critic, & negative self-judgement? Oooh, girl, do we have just the thing for you! Join Brandy Oswald, the joyful Founder of Body Love Tribe, and badass Buti Yoga Instructor Caitlin Downey for a self-love Sunday to shake, shine, and soothe your beautiful body. This self-love celebration has been uniquely designed to help you release limiting beliefs and prerequisites to total body love. It will support you in getting clear on how you truly want to feel in your body and explore how to bring your feel good to life.
Here’s what you’ll get:
– Clarity on what actually makes you feel good and experience joy in your body
– A plan of action to ditch insecurities and bring your feel good to life
– A Buti Yoga class to let go, feel good, & have fun in your body
– A soothing yoga flow sequence to nurture, soothe, & restore mind, body, & soul
– Closing guided meditation with live chanting
– Chocolate, tea, essential oils, & secret body love goodies.



Recent Events

Love Your Body: Quiet Your Inner Critic

Thursday, Nov. 16th 8-9PM EST
Virtual Workshop
Your inner critic steals your joy. It keeps you from being able to love and celebrate your body. It convinces you that you are not good enough. Sound familiar? Join us to explore where negative self-talk comes from, why we’ve been taught to follow our inner critic, and our proven body love tools to quiet your inner critic and live a life of self-love and confidence. You’ll get Brandy and Mandy’s toolkit for managing negative self-talk and shifting your perspective from fear-based living to joy-based living.

Love Your Body: Yoga For Positive Body Image

Sunday, Nov. 12th 1-3PM
Grateful Yoga, Montpelier VT
Ready to follow your feel good, celebrate your body, & have a damn good time?
Join Brandy Oswald, the joyfully badass Founder of Body Love Tribe for an epic afternoon of yoga, laughter, and falling in love with your body. Body Love Tribe’s signature Love Your Body events are an all-out, self-love celebration. To love your body you have to feel good in it – and that’s exactly what this workshop is designed to help you do. No more excuses, conditions, or prerequisites to loving your body. This joyful Love Your Body event will help you get clear on how you want to feel in your body and show you how to bring your feel good to life.
This 2 hour Love Your Body event features our most-loved Cultivating Clarity practice to get clear on how you want to feel in your body PLUS a joyful, upbeat yoga flow class to help you follow your feel good, explore how your body moves, and cultivate more loving vibes towards your gorgeous bod. Psst – There might be a spontaneous dance party mixed in there! #justsayin’
Vermont Be True Yoga Festival

Vermont Be True Yoga Festival

August 4-6th, 2017
Fairlee, VT
Body Love Yoga
Saturday 3:30-5pm

Love your body. Shake your booty.
This upbeat yoga flow workshop will shake up your body and infuse your day with joyful
self-love. We will prioritize letting go, feeling good, and having fun in our bodies. Expect an
upbeat yoga flow sequence, funky-fun music, and options to dance and wiggle in your beautiful
bod. It’s time to celebrate your body exactly as it is, without changing a thing!
Booty shaking, optional. Smiles and laughs, encouraged. Joy, guaranteed.
Love Your Body – Today, Tomorrow, & Every Day
Saturday 9-10:30am

Restore, and soften in this self-love inspired writing, meditation, and slow flow yoga workshop.
To love your body, you have feel good in it – but what does it mean to feel good? Through a
guided writing practice, slow flow yoga sequence, and guided meditation we will explore what it
means to truly feel good in our beautiful bodies. We will also create personalized intentions to
help us pursue our feel good on and off the mat, so that we may love our bodies today, tomorrow, and every day.

Body Love Slow Flow

Body Love Slow Flow

2:00 – 3:30PM
Sangha Studio, Burlington VT
To love your body, you have to feel good in it. This slow, sensual yoga flow class, led by Brandy Oswald of Body Love Tribe, will allow you to reconnect to your body, your breath, and the physical senses. Through breath, movement, and meditation you will explore what allows you to feel good in your body and how to pursue your feel good on and off the yoga mat. Expect to leave the workshop feeling peaceful, at ease, and more deeply connected to needs of your body.

Body Love Essentials

Body Love Essentials

Sunday, May 7th from 4-6pm
Sangha Studio
Brandy Oswald of Body Love Tribe and Caitlin Downey are back for another special self-love workshop to explore, nurture, and honor your body! We will discuss how to use essential oils for positive body image and self-love, craft our own essential oil products (to take home!), and flow through a body love inspired yoga flow class, highlighting essential practices for self-love along the way.
What to expect:
– An understanding of how essential oils work to promote body love
– Hands-on oil exploration & take home oil blends
– A self-love inspired yoga flow class featuring essential practices for body love
– A closing meditation with chanting by Brandy
– Chocolate, tea, & Body Love Notes


Body Love Acupuncture

Body Love Acupuncture

Wednesday, February 15th from 5:30-7:00pm
Atlas Acupuncture, 127 Bank St., Burlington, VT
Admission: $20
Join Tribe Founder Brandy Oswald and Montana Burns, Licensed Acupuncturist & Owner of Atlas Acupuncture, for an evening of soul-soothing self-love and appreciation. Brandy will open the event by leading a body love inspired intention setting practice to prioritize self love and appreciation. Montana will discuss the practices of acupressure and acupuncture, including the ways in which they promote healthy self-image and body love. She will guide a self-acupressure session incorporating soothing, nourishing massage oils. Following self-guided acupressure, Brandy will lead a meditation for self-love as Montana provides mini-acupuncture treatments for enhancing self-love, appreciation, and confidence. The event will close with a group social featuring soothing teas, luxurious chocolates, crystals, gemstones, and candles. Gather your ladyfriends for the perfect Gal-entines Day treat!


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