Body Love Yoga

Body Love Yoga


Joy. Love. Community.


The Body Love Yoga program is designed to support and empower women to overcome body image struggles, allowing them to feel joyful and at ease in their bodies. This program is about bringing the body war to an end once and for all. The Body Love style of yoga is an upbeat yoga flow with elements of dance to shake up the body and allow women to reconnect to their bodies through breath and movement. Booty shaking, optional. Smiles & laughs, encouraged. Joy, guaranteed.

Program Details

Topics Covered Include:

  • Looking Good vs. Feeling Good
  • Becoming more than a number
  • Prioritizing Joy
  • Body Love Breath Practices for anxiety relief
  • Body Talk vs. Soul Talk
  • Meditations to reconnect to your body
  • The importance of community
  • Body Love Writing & Journaling Exercises
  • Longer events also include: importance of self-care, building your personal Body Love Tribe, and restorative & yin yoga sessions.

Body Love Yoga workshops tend to be adult only or youth only events. Variations on this structure are possible upon request.


Popular event formats include: 1 day workshop for 3 hours, 2 day workshop for 3 hours each day, 90 min Body Love Yoga movement class only (includes 1 meditation and writing exercise). PS. We will travel to you!


Other workshop and event formats available upon request.


Let’s get the party started.
Host Body Love Yoga at your studio or event space!


Body Love Retreat Roundup

Body Love Yoga Parties

Picture this – you and 4 or more of your friends, a personalized playlist of your favorite songs, and a 60 or 90 minute Body Love Yoga Dance Party! We’ll open with a group intention setting session, stretch out the body with yoga flow postures, bust-a-move to serious dance-party jamz, and close with restorative yoga postures and a closing meditation. Body Love Yoga Parties are a sure-fire way to have fun and feel good in your body with the support of your ladyfriends!

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Body Love Private Yoga

Looking for personalized 1-on-1 body love yoga? Work with me to discover the movements and yoga postures that feel best in your body. Body Love Private Yoga offers the content of the full Body Love Yoga program in a personalized, private setting. We will dance, flow, and shake. We will breath, meditate, and journal. And, most importantly, you will discover how to have fun and feel so damn good in your body.

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Every woman would benefit from Body Love yoga. It’s a yoga celebration of the beautiful bodies that we all inhabit and deserve some good lovin’. It brings you back to why you do yoga in the first place– self care, it makes you feel good, and it’s so much fun! It takes that unconditional love for your body and self fostered in yoga and applies it to your everyday life to incorporate self care at every level. Think yoga and meditation meets soul sharing meets dance party in your bedroom. ” – HG
“Brandy’s Body Love workshop is life-changing. For someone who has struggled with body image her whole life, I can say that this was the most powerful workshop I’ve been to. Brandy bases her teachings on personal experience, letting you know you’re not alone in the struggle. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to love their body a little (or a lot) more. You’ll also have a ton of fun doing it!!” – JM
“I went to Brandy’s Body Love Yoga workshop not knowing what to expect. I left feeling completely invigorated and fully prepared to take on any negativity in my life. Brandy created an environment that allowed us to feel comfortable sharing our stories no matter how intricate or heavy, and she not only offered advice, but gave us tools and exercises to work through our body love struggles. Plus, you can’t help but leave feeling like a rock star after the Body Love Yoga sequence!” – LG