About Body Love Tribe

About Body Love Tribe

Body: the physical structure of a person. Synonymous with: frame, figure, physique. Aka – The beautiful vehicle that houses our soul.
Love: a feeling of deep affection
Tribe: a community linked by common social ties


Here at Body Love Tribe we are craving, claiming, and maintaining feelings of deep affection for our physical bodies.

We are the rupture from society’s rigid body standards. We are linked by our body positive counter-culture ideals. We believe that everyone deserves to love her/his body, intensely, without changing a damn thing.

What we do:

  • Provide you with the tools and resources to love and appreciate your body
  • Support and empower others to love and celebrate themselves exactly as they are, without changing a thing
  • Unite people around the world to take a stand against society’s rigid body ideals
  • Create a culture in which people of all ages, sizes, races, and abilities are respected and valued for who they are, rather than what they look like
  • Prioritize joy – letting go, feeling good, and having a damn good times in our bodies


How we do it:

Love Your Body Signature Event Series

Love Your Body Event Series

The Body Love Tribe Team travels near and far to host, attend, and present at events that align with our mission and dreams for the world. Our signature Love Your Body Event Series features a variety of event types to fit the unique needs of you and your community. This event series is designed to support and empower communities around the world to foster greater self-love, body confidence, and loving-support between towards one another. Here at Body Love Tribe we recognize that a lack of self-love and confidence hinders one’s ability to live, work, & serve to their fullest potential. The Love Your Body Event Series infuses participants with joy and offers the tools to increase self-love and confidence, allowing them to live fuller, more rewarding lives.
We offer everything from quick, 2 hour body love events, to weekend-long retreats. Harness the power of self-love and acceptance by hosting a Love Your Body event today! Perfect for yoga studios, universities, health centers, group retreats, & more! Learn more here.
Visit us here for a listing of all upcoming events.
Love Your Body - Body Love Coaching

Love Your Body – 90 day body image mentorship program

A 90 day, intensive body image program guided by Tribe Founder, Brandy Oswald. With the Love Your Body program, we recognize that you do not have to restrict, deprive, and get your ass kicked in boot camp workouts in order to love your body. We also recognize that you don’t have to fight and struggle and demonstrate incredible amounts of willpower and withholding in order to love your body. There is another way – the Love Your Body way.
This 90 day program features 7 bi-weekly content manuals filled with resources, and strategies for loving your body today, tomorrow, and everyday. The program also includes exclusive access to 12 weekly, 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Brandy to offer personalized support and guidance every step of the way.
The Love Your Body program provides profound transformation and lasting change, ensuring that you are able to live a more joyful, love-filled life in your body. Interested in learning more about the program? Schedule your free consult here!
Body Love Coaching

Body Love Coaching Packages

Our Body Love Coaching packages were made to support and empower individuals, just like you, to move beyond body image struggles and into the big, vibrant lives you are meant to be living. Individualized, 1-on-1 coaching with Body Love Tribe Founder Brandy Oswald will give you the tools and support to create a more loving relationship to your body, while prioritizing your own joy every step of the way. Throughout the coaching process, you will design a personalized body love plan of action and set goals for experiencing joy and self-love every single day.
These packages are less-intensive than our 90 day Love Your Body program to provide a slower, on-going approach to improving your relationship to your body. These packages are great for Love Your Body program graduates looking to continue working with Brandy as their Body Love Coach following the program. Schedule your free intro call today!

Joyful Racerback Tank

The Tribe Store

The Tribe Store is our unique line of all things Body Love Tribe. This is the place to pick up your awesome Tribe swag so that you can participate in the Body Love Tribe mission everyday in every way. We’ve got lots of body love goodies to help keep you on-track with your self-love intentions. And, we are super excited to announce our list of products that will be coming soon to the store: a personalized line of Body Love Tribe essential oil blends, wall art to beautify your sacred spaces, body love inspired metallic tattoos, and our 30 day box of Body Love Notes for body love intentions every day for 30 days! Shop the Tribe Store here.
Body Love Tribe Memberships

Body Love Tribe Blog

This is our community sounding board. It is on the blog that you will find articles, support, and tools for overcoming body image struggles, as well as personal writings from our Tribe Founder, Brandy Oswald. This is where our community comes to life. Read all the body love goodness here. And, don’t be afraid to leave a comment and get involved in the discussions!
Interested in writing for the Body Love Tribe Blog? You’re in luck. We love guest posts! Learn more on our guest posts submissions page.