Body Love Tribe Retreat Round-Up: What it’s like to go on retreat with us!

Body Love Tribe Retreat Roundup
Last month we hosted our annual Body Love Tribe summer retreat, bringing together women of all different shapes, sizes, and ages to support and empower one another to love their bodies. It was a glorious weekend of yoga, dancing, connection, exploring, and some seriously delicious meals. Throughout the weekend one theme became very clear – most people have never really taken the time to ask themselves “What makes me feel good in my body and allows me to experience joy?”
Here at Body Love Tribe, we believe that in order to love your body you have to feel good in it – and to feel good in your body you have to prioritize your own joy. The thing is that this only works if you know what brings you joy. Today, as we share with you an epic round-up of our summer retreat, we hope you take a moment to pause and tap into the spirit of the retreat to ask yourself “What makes me feel good in my body and allows me to experience joy?” Then, go out and do those things. #getitgirl

Body Love Tribe Summer Retreat Round-Up

body love tribe retreat roundupWe kicked off the weekend on Friday by getting to know one another, exploring the beautiful retreat grounds, and making friends with the many animals that live at Sky Meadow Retreat Center. We discovered that we had women on retreat ranging in ages from 17 to 65 years old. We had mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, and teachers – so many loving, caring female role models!
Body Love Tribe Retreat roundupAfter getting to know one another a bit better, we really began exploring the retreat grounds. There were swimming holes, hiking trails, adorable cottages, a dance pavilion, meditation gazebo, gardens, livestock, and so much more. It was incredible! We wandered the trails with no goals or plans other than to spend some happy time together. It was beautiful.
Body Love Tribe Retreat RoundupFriday evening, we stretched and wiggled our bodies in a vibrant yoga flow class designed to empower us to follow our feel good and experience joy in our bodies. There were lots of laughs, some falling over, and so much fun!
Body Love Tribe Retreat RoundupSaturday started with a joyful, guided meditation from atop Sky Meadow overlooking the Green Mountains. We envisioned ourselves living our most joyful, feel good lives in our bodies and asked ourselves how we might be able to not only envision this version of ourselves – but bring her to life!
Body Love Tribe Retreat RoundupSaturday afternoon was filled with more yoga flow classes and exploration of the beautiful retreat grounds with our new friends. We also ventured back into our body love discussion groups to explore new body love inspired ways of eating and exercising. We challenged ourselves to begin to eat foods that actually allow us to feel good in and about our bodies. We, also, brainstormed ways that we could move our bodies – not out of punishment or required workouts – but in ways that bring joy into our lives and allow us to have fun in our bodies.
Body Love Tribe Retreat RoundupThe highlight of Saturday was, without a doubt, our playful yoga dance workshop. We took traditional yoga, mixed in a little dancing, sprinkled on whatever makes us feel good and created a super fun movement class that featured dance circles, soul train formations, and dancing our beautiful bodies (and shaking our booties!) all over the studio! By the end of class, we may have been covered in sweat, but our bodies were infused with so much joy!
Body Love Tribe Retreat RoundupSaturday night brought our Spa Night featuring face masks, aromatherapy foot soaks, foot massages, mani/pedis – and an awesome game of Body Love Truth or Dare. Here’s what we learned: Sue can do a handstand. Brandy loves Justin Timberlake. And, almost none of us can make fart sounds with our armpits (remember that in middle school?!).
Body Love Tribe Retreat RoundupSunday, our final day together on retreat, began with a morning meditation and yoga practice to fully envision and embody loving, feel good relationships with our bodies. We wrapped up the retreat with one of Body Love Tribe’s most-loved group activities – Soul Talk Sessions. We spotlighted each retreat goer and showered her with compliments and loving comments that had nothing to do with her physical appearance and everything to do with the amazing woman she is and the goodness that she brings into the world. Let’s just say, this activity always ends in tears of joy and appreciation. It’s divine.
It was a magical weekend of self-love, connection, and soul soothing self-care. The retreat offered women an opportunity to tune into their desires, prioritize what allows them to feel good, and move into a more loving relationship with their bodies. Interested in getting in on this goodness? Check out our upcoming events, retreats, or host us in your community!

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2 thoughts on “Body Love Tribe Retreat Round-Up: What it’s like to go on retreat with us!

  • Collen

    Thank you so much Brandy for sharing your retreat photos and activities with us. I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to attend this retreat. I love your retreats. They just keep getting better and better. It’s not like, if you’ve been to one you’ve been to them all. Each one is unique and special, just like you. Thank you again. Have a blessed day. 🙂

    • Brandy Oswald Post author

      You are so welcome! We definitely missed you on retreat this summer. So glad to hear that you have had such a great time on past retreats. I look forward to having you on retreat with us again in the future!!!