How to reorganize your life around your own self-care

reorganize your life around self-care
Are you ready to have more “me time?” Are you tired of all the stress, anxiety, and negativity in your life? Do you want to experience joy, ease, optimism, and whole-body wellness each and every day? Well, the answer has been in front of you all along… take care of yourself. Rest when you are tired. Say “no” when you want to say “no.” Eat when you are hungry. Slow down. Breathe deep. Take a shower. Move your body…. You already know all of this. We know that the answer to stress relief is to prioritize things that actually relieve us of our stress, yet we continue rushing around (stressed out) claiming that we don’t have time for such self-indulgent activities. WTF?!
We convince ourselves that self-care activities are selfish. Truthfully, we are not wrong. Self-care is wildly selfish – in beautiful, soul-soothing ways. The word selfish is defined as lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. When you take the time for self-care, you are doing something just for you with your chief concern being the profits and pleasure of increased ease, joy, appreciation, and self-love.
In order to break free from the cycle of stress, anxiety, and negativity you have to take care of yourself. You must prioritize your own well-being just as you would prioritize a business meeting, doctor’s appointment, or work deadline. If you truly want to experience the pleasures of daily joy and ease, self-care is non-negotiable.
In fact, self-care is the good kind of selfish. It is only when we make self-care a priority that we are able to break free from the cycles of stress, anxiety, and negativity that creep into our lives. What you need in order to experience more joy, optimism, ease, and whole-body wellness isn’t more time in the day. What you need is to reorganize your life around your own self-care. We’re quick to write our business meetings and other commitments in our planners (in pen!), yet we don’t even pencil in our own self-care.
There is a unique way to set your weekly schedule so that it aligns with your own well-being. Traditionally, we set our schedules or plan out our weeks by writing in our commitments – work meetings, doctor appointments, carpooling the kids around, etc. We fill our week with stressful, not-so-fun commitment, then try to squeeze in self-care time around those commitments. And, to be fair, we often bail on our self-care activities when we plan our weeks this way because we’re exhausted from our stressful commitments (and dwelling on the next stressful commitment). When we schedule our lives this way, we are clearly making stressful activities a priority and self-care an optional, less important part of our lives.
Stress, anxiety, and negativity will only float away if you stop making it a priority in your life. It’s time to prioritize soul-soothing self-care by overhauling the way you schedule your time. When you go to set your schedule for next week, start by first scheduling all of your self-care activities and family, friend, and fun time. Then, schedule in your other commitments around those activities that promote your own well-being. Notice any shifts in perspective, outlook, or relationships as you move through the week with your self-care as the number one priority.
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