Episode #3: Dear Society, I’m not sorry.

Dear Society, I'm not sorry
Here at Body Love Tribe HQ, we are busy crafting our first ever Tribe podcast. We’re gathering topics, dreaming of guest speakers, testing equipment, and doing some mini-podcasts in preparation for the big podcast launch later this year. Because we’re super excited and love to send you free body love goodies, we’ve created a 3 part Mini-Podcast series to share some of the goodness with you a bit early than expected.
Our 3 part Mini-Podcast series features: Episode #1 – Looking Good vs. Feeling good, Episode #2 – Your body is not a work in progress, and Episode #3 – Dear Society, I’m not sorry. As a part of this exclusive mini-series, we are asking you to drop comments in the comment section at the bottom of each episode page (or contact us here) to tell us what you loved, what topics you want us to explore, possible guest speakers, and any other suggestions you might have. We want to hear from you!
Our third installment of the Body Love Tribe Mini-Podcast, features our Tribe Founder performing her original spoken word essay titled Dear Society, I am not sorry. This episode is one big middle finger to society’s rigid body standards. It explores why we should not apologize for our bodies. If you’re ready to release society’s bullshit body standards and embrace all that you are, this episode is for you!

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