Episode 1 of our Mini-Podcast is LIVE!

Body Love Mini-Podcast Episode 1
Hello, Beautiful Tribe! We’ve got some exciting news from Body Love Tribe HQ. We have been dreaming and scheming on a Body Love Podcast so that you can take our body positive goodness on the go! Now you can tune-in and listen to Body Love Tribe Founder, Brandy Oswald, all day every day.
Not sure if podcasts are for you? We will still be posting lots of body love content on our blog and social media channels. However, ladies around the world are finding podcasts to be a powerful way to connect with people, topics, and issues they care about. And, it really is SO easy to tune-in to a podcast. You can listen to our Body Love Podcast when you are:

  • On a road trip
  • Cleaning the house
  • Out for a jog or walk
  • Pushing through your 9-5pm grind
  • Sipping wine and soaking in the bathtub

The options are endless!
Today, we are launching our Body Love Mini-Podcast. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a mini-podcast series while we’re gearing up for the full launch of our joyful new podcast. We just can’t wait to start sending you some podcast love. We also want to hear from you. Tell us what you like and don’t like, what topics you want more of, any special guest requests, and more. We’re also still working on the name of our full podcast. If you have suggestions, we want to hear them!
With our first Mini-Podcast, our Tribe Founder will be talking all about the pitfalls of our cultural obsession with looking good and why we need to focus on feeling good if we are ever going to love our bodies. Here’s a little sneak peak from the podcast with Brandy…

“If we are ever going to love our bodies unconditionally, we have to stop placing so much importance on the way that we look. We have to stop agonizing over flat stomachs and cellulite-free thighs. We have to stop stressing out over calories, labeling our days “good” and “bad”, and berating our bodies in the mirror. None of this invites joy into our lives and allows us to feel good in our bodies. And, if you are ever going to love your body, you have to feel good in it. “


Want to access the first of our Body Love Mini-Podcasts?! Use the form below to unlock Episode 1: Looking Good vs. Feeling Good.


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