Why making your bed is an act of self love

Making your bed is an act of self love
Growing up my mom didn’t make us make our beds. It was the best. I’d visit my friends’ houses and witness the infamous phenomenon known as making your bed. As I watched my friends begrudgingly make their beds, I’d think to myself, “What a bunch of chumps.” Fast-forward twenty years later and, despite never having had to make my bed, I choose to make my bed every day – and I absolutely love it.
Today, I make my bed out of appreciation for myself and the beauty of my home. Every time I make my bed, I’m not only tidying up the clutter in my bedroom, but the clutter in my mind, as well. A messy, chaotic environment fosters an equally messy, chaotic mind and body. Similarly, a clean, peaceful environment fosters an organized, clean, and peaceful mind and body.
Have you ever walked into someone’s messy, cluttered home, car, or office and instantly felt anxious, your mind shouting “get me out of here!”? Why expose yourself to that daily in your own home?
We try our hardest to avoid messy, chaotic situations because we don’t like how they make us feel. Anxious, frantic, confused, burdened. We leave the concert early to avoid the messy, chaotic traffic. We avoid the grocery store during peak shopping hours to steer clear of the mess of people, the disorganized aisles, and the chaotic vibe that permeates the place. Shit, we create entire five year plans to keep our lives as un-messy and un-chaotic as possible. Yet, we allow ourselves to live in messy, chaotic homes that leave us feeling disorganized, frantic, and all-together uninspired. What the heck is up with that?!
If we want to experience peace of mind and body, we have to spend time in spaces that feel peaceful. We must clean up our clutter, sweep the floors, put away the laundry, and make the bed. Making your bed, and all of these other activities are acts of self love. It shows that you value and prioritize your own joy and peace of mind and body. Making your bed is so much more than pulling the blankets up and smoothing them out. It’s a sign of self- appreciation that says I value you and the peace that you deserve.
In fact, this goes beyond the bedroom, beyond simply making your bed. It stretches throughout your home and all of the spaces that you gather in daily. You deserve sacred spaces. You deserve a home that allows you to feel how you want to feel.

Girl, you deserve zen zones.


How-To Create a Zen Zone


Zen Zone: A designated place that allows you to feel how you want to feel

1. Start small
Don’t attempt to make your entire home or office a zen zone right from the start. Pick one specific area – bedroom, living room, a quiet corner, your desk, your cubicle, etc.
2. Simplify
Get rid of anything in that space that doesn’t allow you to feel how you want to feel.
3. Map it out
What does a zen zone look and feel like for you? Write it down, draw it out, get creative.
4. Invest in you
What do you need to gather to create your zen zone? Make a budget and give yourself permission to invest in your joy.
5. Don’t crap it up
This is a phrase that the matriarchs of my female-powered family like to use a lot. I come from a long line of ladies who like to keep things clean and tidy. Growing up we were constantly reminded not to “crap it up.” The living room, our bedrooms, our “good” clothes. Don’t crap it up. We’re going to borrow one from my mom and grandma here – once you’ve created your zen zone, a place that allows you to feel how you want to feel, keep it that way. Don’t crap it up.
6. Be there often
Your zen zone isn’t going to do you any good if you ignore it and don’t spend time in it. Be diligent about savoring your sacred space.
Slowly, over time, your zen zone might grow to include your entire home, office, car, etc. Each zen zone is an act of self-love. It represents the appreciation you have for yourself, your needs, and your desires.
So, you see, making your bed is an act of self love.

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4 thoughts on “Why making your bed is an act of self love

  • Collen Reynolds

    Ahh, I just love this piece Brandy. I’ve always said an uncluttered life is an uncluttered mind. One really does affect the other. My home is my sanctuary. And as you know, I’ve spent my life making it, homey, welcoming, and uncluttered. I’m in the midst of spring cleaning now. (now, because when spring does come, I don’t want to be inside cleaning. lol. I want to be outside) Making a bed, keeping a tidy home, looks, good, feels good and in turn makes me feel good. Crapping things up doesn’t look good or feel good. Again, great article!