food guilt and anxiety
  ‘Tis the season for cookies, pies, and oh-so-sweet treats. Everywhere you turn there’s a cookie calling your name and sweet treats begging to be savored. From the office break room, to the countless holiday parties, there is no lack of sugary desserts. And, that’s before Grandma/Mom/Aunt Dessert Queen makes […]

How To Stop Food Guilt and Anxiety

20 Ways To Give Thanks This Thanksgiving
  It’s that time of year again – watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade, eating a gigantic meal, getting into a spat with your argumentative uncle, and falling asleep in front of the TV from a food-induced coma. Return to the spirit of the holiday this Thanksgiving and take the time […]

20 Ways To Give Thanks This Thanksgiving

I'm not sorry
  Dear Society,   I’m not sorry.   I’m not sorry for rocking that bikini on vacation in Mexico; my cellulite on full display. I’m not sorry that my belly rolls up when I sit down and my arms jiggle when I greet my friends with a vigorous wave. I’m […]

Dear Society, I’m not sorry…

Social Media Detox Guide
  Social media is not real. Social media is photoshop for your life.   It allows us to crop out all of the unwanted, messy parts of our lives. With social media we get all of the good and none of the bad. That is not real life. As you […]

How social media sabotages your relationship to your body

Diets suck
  No thanks, I’m watching my weight.   No cake for me, I’m on a diet.   Ugh, I’m getting fat. I better go back on my diet.   What the hell, make it a large ice cream sundae. Today is my cheat day!     Does this sound like […]

Going on a diet sucks. Here’s why…

New Team Member Ali
  Hey Tribe,   This has been a month of exciting announcements, and I have one more coming your way today. I am over-the-moon excited to introduce you all to Ali, the newest tribe member of our Body Love Tribe. Ali has joined our Tribe as the Community Manager, helping […]

Meet Our Newest Tribe Member!