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Body Love Pon De FLO

Saturday, October 14th
Pon De FLO Studio

156 Mott St
New York, NY 10013


$35 members, $40 non-members
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Join Pon De FLO Creator Heather Fay and Body Love Tribe Founder Brandy Oswald for a self-love inspired Pon De FLO and yoga fusion workshop that will allow you to feel good and celebrate your beautiful body. To love our bodies have to feel good in them. This workshop will help you get clear on how you want to feel in your body and ignite the spark to follow your feel good each and every day. We will shake, stretch, soothe, and strengthen your beautiful body in this joyful workshop. It’s going to be a booty-shaking, body loving celebration that you won’t want to miss!

Heather will get the vibes so high in a full-length Pon De FLO class that is guaranteed to leave you feeling strong, empowered, and joyful in your body. Brandy will guide you through Body Love Tribe’s most popular self-love practice called Cultivating Clarity to help you get clear on how you want to feel in your body and empower you to follow your feel good each and every day. She will close out this epic afternoon with a soul-soothing yoga sequence and guided meditation to let the good vibes wash over you.

New to Pon De FLO? It’s amazing…

Pon De FLO is a non-verbal cueing dance-based HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) program set to a Caribbean, Reggae & Dub soundtrack. The mission of Pon De FLO is to spread one love into this world through fitness and an empowering lifestyle. Within a class, you will be going in for squats, lunges, push-ups, knee tucks, burpees – you name it, all disguised within the dance choreography. Pon De FLO is for everyone of all ages & abilities and modifications are always given. The idea is to never stop moving! Learn more about Pon De FLO here.

Vermont Be True Yoga Festival


Milldale Farm Center for Wellness
Fairlee, Vermont
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Workshop Offerings:


Body Love Yoga
Saturday 3:30-5pm

Love your body. Shake your booty.
This upbeat yoga flow workshop will shake up your body and infuse your day with joyful
self-love. We will prioritize letting go, feeling good, and having fun in our bodies. Expect an
upbeat yoga flow sequence, funky-fun music, and options to dance and wiggle in your beautiful
bod. It’s time to celebrate your body exactly as it is, without changing a thing!
Booty shaking, optional. Smiles and laughs, encouraged. Joy, guaranteed.

Love Your Body – Today, Tomorrow, & Every Day
Saturday 9-10:30am

Restore, and soften in this self-love inspired writing, meditation, and slow flow yoga workshop.
To love your body, you have feel good in it – but what does it mean to feel good? Through a
guided writing practice, slow flow yoga sequence, and guided meditation we will explore what it
means to truly feel good in our beautiful bodies. We will also create personalized intentions to
help us pursue our feel good on and off the mat, so that we may love our bodies today, tomorrow, and every day.

The Importance of Female Communities
Sunday 9-10:30am

In a world with rapidly disappearing resources, there exists a radical source of energy that gets
stronger and more abundant as it is used. In fact, it derives its strength from widespread use. It
is poised to change the world in wildly, beautiful ways. It, my friends, is lady power. That’s right,
Lady Power.
Lady Power is the indescribable force created when women come together to support and
empower one another. This speakeasy-style workshop will explore the importance of female
communities and our responsibilities to one another as women. This workshop includes a strong
focus on positive body image and supporting our fellow females to love their bodies exactly as
they are.

Body Love Slow Flow

Sunday, June 4th

Sangha Studio PINE, 120 Pine St., Burlington, VT
Suggested Donation: $10 members, $15 non-members

Advanced registration encouraged! Sign-up here.

To love your body, you have to feel good in it. This slow, sensual yoga flow class, led by Brandy Oswald of Body Love Tribe, will allow you to reconnect to your body, your breath, and the physical senses. Through breath, movement, and meditation you will explore what allows you to feel good in your body and how to pursue your feel good on and off the yoga mat. Expect to leave the workshop feeling peaceful, at ease, and more deeply connected to needs of your body.
What to expect:
– Opening discussion and intention setting
– Guided breath practice
– Slow flow yoga class
– Body love inspired yoga nidra meditation
– Closing thoughts, questions, and discussion


Recent Events

Body Love Essentials

Body Love Essentials

Sunday, May 7th from 4-6pm
Sangha Studio
Brandy Oswald of Body Love Tribe and Caitlin Downey are back for another special self-love workshop to explore, nurture, and honor your body! We will discuss how to use essential oils for positive body image and self-love, craft our own essential oil products (to take home!), and flow through a body love inspired yoga flow class, highlighting essential practices for self-love along the way.
What to expect:
– An understanding of how essential oils work to promote body love
– Hands-on oil exploration & take home oil blends
– A self-love inspired yoga flow class featuring essential practices for body love
– A closing meditation with chanting by Brandy
– Chocolate, tea, & Body Love Notes


Body Love Buti

Sunday, March 26th from 12-2:30pm
Sangha Studio
Love your body. Shake you buti.
Join Brandy Oswald of Body Love Tribe and Caitlin Downey for a special self-love workshop to shake, shine, and soothe your body.
What you’ll get:
– Clarity on what brings you joy and makes you feel good
– Buti Yoga – to let go, feel good, & have fun in your body
– Restorative Flow – to nurture, soothe, & restore
– A plan of action to prioritize feeling good in your body
– Closing meditation and chants
– Chocolate, tea, essential oils, & Body Love Notes


Body Love Acupuncture

Body Love Acupuncture

Wednesday, February 15th from 5:30-7:00pm
Atlas Acupuncture, 127 Bank St., Burlington, VT
Admission: $20
Join Tribe Founder Brandy Oswald and Montana Burns, Licensed Acupuncturist & Owner of Atlas Acupuncture, for an evening of soul-soothing self-love and appreciation. Brandy will open the event by leading a body love inspired intention setting practice to prioritize self love and appreciation. Montana will discuss the practices of acupressure and acupuncture, including the ways in which they promote healthy self-image and body love. She will guide a self-acupressure session incorporating soothing, nourishing massage oils. Following self-guided acupressure, Brandy will lead a meditation for self-love as Montana provides mini-acupuncture treatments for enhancing self-love, appreciation, and confidence. The event will close with a group social featuring soothing teas, luxurious chocolates, crystals, gemstones, and candles. Gather your ladyfriends for the perfect Gal-entines Day treat!
Yoga For Syria

Yoga For Syria

Sunday, January 29th from 12:00 – 2:00 pm
Suggested Donation: $10-$20
Join Tribe Founder Brandy Oswald and Rosalie Wright-Lapin for a slow flow yoga class to send love, compassion, and on-the-ground aid to Syrians impacted by the atrocities of war in their homeland.

Rosalie will open the event by discussing her first-hand experience working with refugee communities in Greece and Turkey. She will also share photos that offer a glimpse into some of the realities of life as a refugee/migrant.

Following Rosalie’s inside look into life as a refugee, Brandy will introduce her theory of Yoga For World Peace, highlighting our unique ability to bring peace and love into the world through the practice of yoga. She will lead a 45 minute slow flow yoga sequence and an intentional Loving Kindness Meditation to energetically send love and compassion to Syrians and their homeland.

75% of donations will be sent to: The Compassion Collective. The Compassion Collective is spearheaded by Glennon Doyle Melton, Elizabeth Gilbert, Rob Bell, Cheryl Strayed, Brene Brown, Marie Forleo, Laverne Cox, and Valarie Kaur. It was created as a direct response to the Syrian refugee crisis, “the worst humanitarian emergency the world has seen since World War II.”

To learn more about The Compassion Collective visit: www.thecompassioncollective.org or visit them on Facebook
Read about The Compassion Collective’s most recent campaign here.

25% of donations will be donated to Noor Oghlo & Family (via YouCaring Crowdfunding) for their sponsorship for refugee resettlement in Canada. Learn more about Noor & her family here.

Yoga & Body Image Workshop

Yoga & Body Image: A body love intensive for women

Sunday, September 11th from 2-4pm
Sangha Studio, 120 Pine St. Burlington, VT
$15 members, $20 non-members
It is time to release insecurity and celebrate your body exactly as it is in this moment. In this workshop, you will prioritize feeling good, recognize and embrace your self-worth, and become a part of a community of women who are daring to love their bodies without changing a damn thing.
This workshop will include a 45 minute yoga flow class, opening writing prompts, a personalized action plan to experience daily joy and confidence, and an incredibly popular community-building activity. Spoiler Alert – The community building activity always ends in huge hugs and grateful tears. It’s magical.
BONUS: All participants will get exclusive access to 1-on-1 body image and self-love coaching with Brandy. This level of coaching is generally only available to participants of Brandy’s 30 day THRIVE program.



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