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Making your bed is an act of self love
  GrowiGrowing up my mom didn’t make us make our beds. It was the best. I’d visit my friends’ houses and witness the infamous phenomenon known as making your bed. As I watched my friends begrudgingly make their beds, I’d think to myself, “What a bunch of chumps.” Fast-forward twenty years […]

Why making your bed is an act of self love

  Here at Body Love Tribe HQ, we’ve been dreaming about all of the goodness that we want to bring you in 2017. One of our biggest dreams is to continue building our tribe. We want to provide opportunities for tribe members (that’s you!) to meet, greet, and support one […]

Introducing the Tribe Store…

food guilt and anxiety
  ‘Tis the season for cookies, pies, and oh-so-sweet treats. Everywhere you turn there’s a cookie calling your name and sweet treats begging to be savored. From the office break room, to the countless holiday parties, there is no lack of sugary desserts. And, that’s before Grandma/Mom/Aunt Dessert Queen makes […]

How To Stop Food Guilt and Anxiety