Samantha Gildehaus

About Samantha Gildehaus

During her most difficult body image struggles, Samantha found great comfort in reading about women who had faced similar challenges. She believes that sharing our thoughts and feelings with one other is the most powerful tool we have to put body shame to rest. Samantha worked with Tribe founder, Brandy Oswald, in 2015 when she was ready to put aside food restricting and extreme workouts to focus on self-acceptance and loving her body—unconditionally. It wasn’t an easy shift. But Samantha was moved by Brandy’s compassion and understanding. The tools she learned during their one-on-one sessions helped to reshape how Samantha viewed her relationship to her body and food. She continues to use these tools to this day!   Samantha is a nature lover and spends much time outside growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs. She lives off-grid with her fiancé, their three dogs, and a flock of backyard chickens on the outskirts of a small Missouri town. You can read more about her and what she is up to at her blog