Imagine how different the world would be if more people experienced joy and felt good in their bodies…   You are what you eat. Actions speak louder than words. Your thoughts determine your reality. We accept these notions as universal truths, yet we frantically scarf down fast food in […]

Be the joy you wish to see in the world

Making your bed is an act of self love
  Growing up my mom didn’t make us make our beds. It was the best. I’d visit my friends’ houses and witness the infamous phenomenon known as making your bed. As I watched my friends begrudgingly make their beds, I’d think to myself, “What a bunch of chumps.” Fast-forward twenty years […]

Why making your bed is an act of self love

Don't fall for the body love bullshit
  You don’t have to restrict, deprive, and get your ass kicked in boot camp workouts in order to love your body. In fact, those behaviors are where my eating disorder began nearly 15 years ago. Restriction will not bring freedom. Deprivation will not bring abundance. Hate does not bring […]

Don’t fall for the body love bullshit…

I bared my midriff...
  Saturday evening, I was going through my normal routine getting ready to go out to a holiday party: trying on nearly every combination of skirts, shirts, dresses and heels in my closet and then discarding them on the floor until my bedroom looked like a department store fitting room […]

I bared my midriff in public…

  Here at Body Love Tribe HQ, we’ve been dreaming about all of the goodness that we want to bring you in 2017. One of our biggest dreams is to continue building our tribe. We want to provide opportunities for tribe members (that’s you!) to meet, greet, and support one […]

Introducing the Tribe Store…

Gift Bag Giveaway
  We’re really getting into the holiday spirit over here at Body Love Tribe. The office is bedazzled in holiday lights, gifts are wrapped, and sparkles are everywhere. It’s pretty fantastic. Today, we’re excited to share some of our holiday cheer with you in the form of a gift bag […]

Tis the season to… Give you free gift bags!