Diets suck
  No thanks, I’m watching my weight.   No cake for me, I’m on a diet.   Ugh, I’m getting fat. I better go back on my diet.   What the hell, make it a large ice cream sundae. Today is my cheat day!     Does this sound like […]

Going on a diet sucks. Here’s why…

New Team Member Ali
  Hey Tribe,   This has been a month of exciting announcements, and I have one more coming your way today. I am over-the-moon excited to introduce you all to Ali, the newest tribe member of our Body Love Tribe. Ali has joined our Tribe as the Community Manager, helping […]

Meet Our Newest Tribe Member!

How I chose to rise up from the woman I was
  Many of you know me as the bubbly, playful, pleasantly snarky voice behind Body Love Tribe. You know me as a powerful woman who is bold in her convictions and, as many readers have put it, “wise beyond her years.”   The truth is that I am not wise […]

How I chose to rise up from the woman I ...

4 ways to start living like the queen you are
  You are magnificent. From head to toe, from heart to soul, you are a goddess worthy of love. By hiding, shying away, and trying to simply blend in you are doing the entire world a disservice. We need you. We need you to show up, to be bold, to […]

4 Ways to Start Living like a Queen

The one thing I refuse to do
  I haven’t always been a woman with firm boundaries. In fact, I’m still working on it. Over the years, I’ve realized how wildly important it is to set boundaries in our lives and stand by them. I used to think that boundaries were created to close off, shut down, […]

The one thing I refuse to do…

Responsibilities to women - Body Love Tribe
  Because you showed up to life, you have responsibilities to other women. There are certain things that we owe one another simply because we are participating in the tribe called womanhood. Today is one of those days at Body Love Tribe when we clear the fog on some things […]

The 3 Responsibilities you have to other women